The increasing affect of commercialism and its successive global interaction has produced a compelling dialogue between the Middle East (The Orient) and the Western world (West). Subsequently, this resulting cultural interplay has established a unique and substantive relationship between the ancient and contemporary.


My artistic vision aims to investigate the struggle to in defining the perception of identity and can be traced to my personal experiences residing in the United States/ West and my Middle Eastern ancestry. Labelled as a multimedia artist, the catharsis of artistic creation has compelled me to examine the seemingly perceived differences of the past, present, and future giving rise to understanding the similarities within apparently antithetical cultures, permitting the concentration of artistic works that revise and explore ones understanding of The Orient.


The term “Orientalism” has commonly been portrayed as the Occidental/ West’s preoccupation depicting The Orient within the confines of idealized or romanticized fantasy-driven concepts and themes. Seemingly overlooked is that this centuries old engagement, has indirectly provided for a continuous melding of these cultures, producing imagery that continues to effect one’s perception in ways not purely uncomplimentary. Reaching beyond the borders of the West and The Orient, this artwork assesses the modern, mystic, and visceral reality of a Neo-Orientalist.



The delineations between the East and West have become increasingly blurred, exemplified by the exportation and interpretation of each respective society. By reexamining classical Orientalism’s formalistically pejorative unilateral connotations via Neo-Orientalism’sbilateral exchange, this artistic work explores the enthralling intersection of the evolution of these cultures and their affect on contemporary perceptions of identity.