rolex replica 16 x 8 x 21cm

Resin, enamel, gold leaf

Edition 10 +1 AP


The artist’s intricate set of resin cast objects, painstakingly plastered in green and 24k gold leaf, contain objects of everyday life in the Middle East and play with increasingly globalized sense of value.

Walking into the homes of family luxury replica watches and friends, there are certain items that inadvertently stand out as icons of the domicile.  Assorted pieces include a gun, a woman’s compact, or even a high-end purse. Some of the artworks are symbols of social stature, but now all have ultimately become utilitarian objects.  The representation of these works as treasure, become coveted objects with no possible use of their original conception. While cleverly reflecting on the philosophical underpinnings of one of mankind’s most treasured metals, gold, the green touches emerging from within each piece also speak of the values of life, nature, and infallible hope.