Military Models
Military Models

61 x 20  x 30cm

Resin, plaster, enamel and gold leaf


This series of military models deconstructed and reconfigured painted in enamel, embellished with 24k gold leaf, showcases the artist’s fascination with an observation of world events from the perception of a creator.  Positioned as a God-like toymaker, the artist successfully captures the aesthetic nature of treasure and darkness. Parnes breitling replica remarks: “As a child, I attempted to conceptualize the implications of the period of the first Gulf War. Even then I was captivated by the alluring imagery of news footage, featuring destroyed tanks, cars, buildings hublot replique.  It was also another critical turning point of my youth, that vividly brought elements of my family background into the forefront of contemporary America.”

These pieces revisit these themes in a modern context, creating objects that emit representations of intercultural identity. As works of art, they masterfully grasp an ability to manipulate the idea of children’s models, carrying them into the  present adult realm.